Friday, March 11, 2016

Life Goals

I often think of my future, and what I hope for it, rather than thinking of what is going on all around me. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and I said that I think the highlight of my life will be when I am married, with a job and with my kids. She said that she thinks the best parts of her life, is what she is living now. This has stayed in my mind a lot recently and I decided to share my life goals and get them written down so that they are not in my head and I am focusing on living my life to the fullest. I also think it will be cool to look back on this and see what I wanted when I was younger compared to what I have now. So here is my list of some of my life goals. I also plan on updating this blog post and adding more to it when I get new goals

-Get into my dream university and be successful there when it comes to academics and social life
-Take the LSAT's and get into a good Law School
-Become either a criminal or family lawyer
-Get married and be happy, and have four kids
-Find a charity I am passionate about and constantly give back to it
-Meet Taylor Swift
-Adopt or foster kids
-Be successful but happy
-Be organized

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Yikes. Another Update.

Wow. The past month has been so hectic it's ridiculous. I had midterms late January, and it just hasn't seemed to stop!! I am exhausted and my teachers have been piling on so much work.

I am currently lying in a hotel room with my mom asleep in the other bed. We're doing some college touring because I have a five day weekend break thingy which is kind of scary. Where has all the time gone?? I feel like just yesterday I was starting middle school and now I'm getting ready to determine what seems like the rest of my life. 

I am going to start creating a plan for my future blog spots especially this break because I have the free time! I'm going to instil a schedule so that I can make my blog more of a primary focus in my life rather than just a secondary or tertiary as it unfortunately has been recently. I love blogging but with school, crew, extracurriculars, etc. I just haven't been able to find time for it which makes sense. Let me know what you all want to see on here in the comments! I already have some great ideas that I am looking forward to so definitely look out for those soon!

I'm sorry for how extended this break has been and hopefully this time it won't happen again!

I hope you all had a great Valentine's day, I spent in the car with my mom and then some dinner at a really cute tapas restaurant! 


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Feeling Healthy w/ a Salad

As I mentioned in my New Years resolutions post, one of my resolutions is to eat healthier. So I decided to share my dinner from a few nights ago with you!! I made the most amazing salad, although I must say that the only thing that would have made it better would have been a hard boiled egg cut up but I was too lazy to do that. Regardless it was delicious!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Marvelous Mauve

I have a new found love for the color mauve. I think that it is so simple and elegant. Not only that, but it seems to go with everything. The weather has not been too cold where I live, so this was perfect with a light jacket! 

This Christmas, my parents gave me a pair of mauve pants and I styled my outfit today around them. This outfit is also what I wore on my first day back to school which was today. It's funny because it feels like I never left for break. It's no longer like elementary or even middle school where they give you a few days to ease back into the idea of school again, I already have three tests scheduled for next week and two quizzes for this one!! But anyways, let's get onto what I wore today!! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Q+A, 365 days, 5years.

I love to write. Whether it is a blog post, in a journal, in my planner, whatever it is, I love it. I love being able to record my feelings and memories in my own handwriting. There is something about it that gives me a sense of power. No one can tell me that what I am writing is wrong because it is all my opinions.

One of my favorite gifts I received for Christmas this year was from my parents. It was a small book that was partially empty. I say partially because it is a journal, but not a blank one.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year.

Hi hi hi hi hi!

It's 2016! I have to say that I am not exactly sad to see 2015 end. It's been quite an... interesting year to say the least. But that is in the past! New year, new me right?!

For today's post, I am going to share my resolutions with you all!! I don't think that you should have to wait until New Years to make resolutions. You can start then whenever you want, and they don't have to be drastic either. I think it is important to focus on a few resolutions rather than like 30 because let's be honest, that is more than a little unrealistic. Also, my resolutions aren't necessarily new to me. Most of them are goals I have had for awhile that I just want to continue!