Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Feeling Healthy w/ a Salad

As I mentioned in my New Years resolutions post, one of my resolutions is to eat healthier. So I decided to share my dinner from a few nights ago with you!! I made the most amazing salad, although I must say that the only thing that would have made it better would have been a hard boiled egg cut up but I was too lazy to do that. Regardless it was delicious!

I honestly don't think I could have crammed more food into this salad than I did... 

For the actual greens, I mixed some spinach and kale. I am a huge fan of spinach but kale is a little bit bitter for me which is why I have to have it with some other kind of lettuce type food item thingy. lol. 

For other veggies, I threw in some chopped up carrots, and there were a few tomatoes buried underneath what you see here. I also have some sweet potato left over from my dinner the other day.

To add a little bit of a healthy crunch, I put in a little less than a handful of chia seeds, as well as some raw cashews. I also added some avocado because it is so yummy and healthy too!

I am a big fan of cheese, especially feta cheese in salads so I obviously put a bunch of crumbled feta in. I also grated some manchego cheese which is my absolute favorite cheese, it's Spanish, delicious and I would seriously recommend.

And finally I have these crunchy bread things and I honestly don't know what they are called but they often come in Asian salads. My dressing is also unknown to me but it is some Asian dressing... they both came in this set that I found in the fridge. 

Needless to say, I enjoyed this salad very much as I seem to have dedicated a whole blog post to it. If you guys enjoyed this post and want to see similar ones in the future please let me know!


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