Sunday, August 30, 2015

25 Questions Tag~~~ Get to know me!

Hey Everyone! 

I thought that for todays post, I would do the 25 questions tag so that you could find out just a little bit more about me! 

  1. Name: Tara
  2. Nickname: T, TM, Tar
  3. Birthday: July 31, 2000                                                         
  4. Place of Birth: Stamford, Connecticut
  5. Hair color: Dark brown in the fall/winter, light brown in the summer! 
  6. Hair length: Mid boob level lol                                                                          
  7. Which do you prefer- Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers: Cheeseburgers 100 without a doubt!!
  8. Braces? : Not anymore but I had them on the top and bottom for just under a year!!
  9. Piercings? : One ear piercing on my right ear and two on my left!
  10. Do you color your hair?: Never... considering highlights but not for a while
  11. Righty or Lefty: Lefty but just when I write, everything else I do with my right hand/side, it's quite odd. I'm trying to teach myself to be ambidextrous (able to write with both hands)
  12. Favorite sports: Running (cross country), crew (rowing) and dancing
  13. Do you wear contacts or glasses?: Nope, but I think I'll need them soon
  14. Favorite TV shows: Gossip Girl (I've watched it three times ahahah), Grey's Anatomy, and How I met your Mother,                                                 
  15. Favorite color: Navy Blue                                                                                  
  16. Favorite store: I have SO many so I'm just going to name a few: American Eagle, Francesca's, Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters
  17. What is your perfect pizza topping?: LOTS of cheese, and some pepperoni!
  18. Favorite shoes: BOOTS!! I have SOO many!!                                           
  19. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?: 16!
  20. Currently wearing: Sweatpants and a sweatshirt!! It's SO cold in my room!
  21. Have you ever been to a different country?: Yes!! I used to live in Switzerland, and my parents are both born and raised in their home countries (my dad is 100% Irish, and my mom is 100% Turkish) and we visit both countries quite a bit as my family lives there and my parents just love to travel and so do I!
  22. Do you like sushi?: If California Rolls count them yes.. lol
  23. Where do you buy your groceries?: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods
  24. How many siblings do you have?: One sister who's 10
  25. Where do you want to live?: I want to live in London for a year because I just love the atmosphere there but I would love to raise my children in somewhere like Tennessee.   
Hope you all enjoyed getting to know a little more about me!! 


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